Taxes and Finances


Taxes and Finances

Eric is a local small business owner with a degree in Finance. He has over a decade of experience working for taxpayers. He's endorsed by taxpayer organizations because he will work to balance the budget WITHOUT raising taxes.


Roseville has received 10 failing grades on annual report cards from the nonpartisan State Auditor

The State Auditor’s High Risk Dashboard analyzes 470 cities across California, including Roseville. The Auditor issues an assessment of indicators of a city’s ability to pay its bills in both the short and long term. Over the last five years Roseville has received “high risk” grades on the following indicators:






$ 0 million

Roseville's unfunded pension debt according to the State Auditor's most recent data


Measure B: $20+ million annual sales tax increase

In 2018, the City Council unanimously approved placing a $20 million annual sales tax increase on the ballot.  Councilmembers actively promoted the passage of this tax increase.


Measure C: $3+ million annual hotel tax increase

In 2022, the City Council unanimously approved placing a $3 million annual hotel tax increase on the ballot. Roseville currently has the region’s lowest hotel tax, giving our city a competitive advantage in attracting conferences and visitors. If Measure C passes, Roseville will lose this advantage.

As Roseville continues to grow and develop, taxpayers need a watchdog like Eric Eisenhammer to stop the special interests from raiding the treasury, piling up debts, expanding the bureaucracy, and raising our taxes.
Tom Hudson
California Taxpayer Protection Committee