One of the government's most important responsibilities is to ensure that people can feel safe in their homes and when they’re out in our community. In fact, Roseville’s safe and family oriented atmosphere is why so many of us moved here in the first place. Lately, crime has become a bigger problem. I will fight to ensure that our local police receive the resources they need to effectively combat crime. The criminal class must get a clear message that in Roseville we’re not afraid to fight back and we’ll actively pursue anybody that comes to violate our property or person.

Homelessness is exploding all around California and Roseville is no exception. Billions of dollars have been spent, but the problem continues to get worse. We need new, smarter thinking about this problem. We need to empower people, not enable people. Handouts haven't worked because they deprive people of their dignity by making them dependent. If Roseville repeats the mistakes made in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, we will find ourselves with the same unfortunate result. What we need are humane solutions that also come with accountability and where the goal is to help the individual overcome their challenges to meet their true potential.

Too many people are already struggling to get by. Gas and food prices are at historic highs and people can't afford to pay more. Local leaders must be smart and active stewards of the people's hard earned tax dollars. I will roll up my sleeves and go through the budget line by line to make sure we are getting the maximum value for every dollar spent, and I will not reauthorize any spending if it cannot be objectively justified.

One of my favorite things to do is to tackle remodeling projects. I love to make something old shine again. In Roseville, we're fortunate to have many historic homes and buildings. Some are over 100 years old and go all the way back to our founding as a railroad town. I will work to preserve and celebrate this history and not tear it down.