Meet Eric

Hi Neighbor! I'm Eric

I’m a local small business owner, taxpayer advocate, and Roseville resident for over a decade. I’ve decided to run for City Council (District 2) and I’d like to ask you for your support.

I believe in our community’s future and in the power of each individual person to achieve anything they dream of through hard work and perseverance.

That’s my own life story. I’ve worked hard, earned a degree in Finance, and built a business that’s created jobs. I’m proud we bought our own building in the center of Roseville several years ago. I’ve also been active as a volunteer in countless ways and capacities. 

I want to help build a future that is brighter than today. 

I believe every person has innate worth and value.

Too often though the government fails to perform the way that people deserve. 

Why is that? It’s up to us to get involved, hold our leaders accountable, and to exercise oversight to make sure our tax dollars are spent in ways that are ethical and effective.

For nearly 15 years I’ve been working with taxpayer organizations in support of accountability and transparency. Why must taxes always be raised when we already pay so much?

Finally, I don’t believe in making excuses! I believe in hard work. 

I KNOW hard work pays off and is an important part of the path to true fulfillment. One doesn’t get a true sense of satisfaction from something that’s given to them. Pride of accomplishment comes when you know you earned it for yourself. 

I’ve faced challenges and refused to give up and I’ve succeeded. Let’s believe in ourselves and believe in Roseville. And let’s have some fun too!